“Remember to live,” Jane Martin reminds us

In Dr. Tom Petty’s book, Enjoying Life with COPD, the title of one chapter is “Remember to Live!” Dr. Alvan Barach, one of the pioneers in the care of people with emphysema, was the first to talk about this. The key points are: Don’t postpone pleasure. Continue to grow and improve yourself. Don’t give up on your job or your house too soon. Don’t be afraid to take medicine.Wise words for all.

We’ve got a great update for you this month, packed with ways to stay healthy this winter – and take Dr. Barach’s advice. We have the inspiring story of how one man broke the cycle of hospital re-admissions due to COPD. To help you do the same, look for the Stay Well Action Plan. Download it, print it, show it to your doctor and complete it together. See other articles that also have information to help you stay well.
Many of you struggle with less than great service with your home oxygen. Take the Home Oxygen User Survey and let your voice be heard! Sit back and listen to Dr. Petty’s book, Adventures of an Oxyphile 2 on the new – free – audio book download. Treat yourself to an easy, enjoyable read with some BBLW Classics, holiday tips, brush up on your inhaler technique, take a look at products that can make your life easier and more enjoyable… and you’ve accomplished a lot. 

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Source – By Jane Martin, Breathing Better, Living Well

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