Education Days

The Alpha-1 Foundation’s booth provides educational materials for Alphas

Alpha-1 education days are meetings for the patient community, their families and caregivers and are generally held at an Alpha-1 Clinical Resource Center (CRC) or in areas where there is a high prevalence of Alpha-1.

Education days are generally one-day meetings, often with a free dinner for patients the evening before. Education days feature the leading Alpha-1 physicians and healthcare providers in the country, including expert speakers on Alpha-1 lung and liver disease, respiratory therapists on the value of pulmonary rehabilitation, and talks on the use of medical oxygen. They include tips on improving daily life for Alphas, the latest research information, and the importance of joining the Alpha-1 Foundation Research Registry.

For more information, contact Alexis Artiles, marketing and events coordinator, Alpha-1 Association, at (305) 648-0088 ext. 310 or via email at

The Alpha-1 Foundation is co-sponsor of the National Education Series.

2014 Education Days

February 22 – Education Day
San Francisco, CA

March 22 – Education Day
Dallas, TX

April 12 – Education Day
Jacksonville, FL

August 23 – Education Day
Boston, MA

October 11 – Education Day
St. Louis, MO

December 13 – Education Day
Las Vegas, NV

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Unrestricted Educational Grants Provided by:
Centric Health Resources
CSL Behring
Grifols Therapeutics Inc.

Series Exhibitors:

Coram Healthcare

Missed an Education Day? No problem, you can search through the topics and watch the presentations on the Alpha-1 Association’s website, under E-Education.