Community Fundraisers

Get involved with the Alpha-1 community!

Organizing a fundraising event is one way to support The Alpha-1 Foundation and raise awareness and funding for Alpha-1 research. We are extremely grateful for the efforts of many individuals and organizations that coordinate fundraising events and choose to donate the proceeds to the Foundation.

Community Fundraisers are categorized in two ways:

Community Outreach – Building Friends for a Cure:  Take action and raise money by planning a social event — like a themed party, letter writing campaign or lunch box auction event at work.   START A FUNDRAISER

Team Alpha-1:  Organize an athletic event, like a walkathon, bowling contest or miniature golf event. JOIN OUR TEAM

How to Organize an Event:

Events will be added to the schedule as they develop. If you would like to have an event in your area please contact Angela McBride at (877) 228-7321 ext. 233 or

 View Calendar of Events

For more information on fundraising, or to request materials, please contact:

Angela McBride, Director of Community Relations and Development
Alpha-1 Foundation
3300 Ponce de Leon Blvd.
Miami, FL 33134
Tel: (877) 228-7321 ext. 233