Big Fat Reference Guide

The Big Fat Reference Guide or “BFRG” is the cornerstone of AlphaNet’s health management and disease prevention program for those diagnosed with Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency. It emphasizes education of patients, their families and their healthcare professionals. This is the most comprehensive guide to living with Alpha-1 available anywhere. Ongoing prospective studies monitoring patient outcomes and healthcare use have documented the effectiveness of this program.

The BFRG provides detailed information specific to Alpha-1. Features include medical assessment, testing and treatment, diet and nutrition, activity and fitness, the management of environmental risk factors, coping with Alpha-1, insurance and disability and much more.

For the Healthcare Provider, the BFRG helps in the evaluation, diagnosis, and management of patients with Alpha-1. Be sure to check the BFRG appendices for sample order sheets (for both inpatients and outpatients), treatment plans, and other practical information to facilitate the care of your patients with Alpha-1.

The online Big Fat Reference Guide is quick and easy to use. It is available at A simple registration allows the BFRG to be personalized to the specific needs of the user. Be sure to sign up as a Healthcare Provider, so you’ll get complete access to the most appropriate documents.